Meizu MX3 64GB M8 Xiaomi Galaxy discount

Today, Meizu officially announced at their Chinese BBS that from 1 April 10:00 and onward, people will be able to get a 500RMB (€60, 80USD) discount on the MX3 64GB. All they have to do is to trade in their precious Meizu M8, or not so precious Xiaomi 1/1S or Samsung Galaxy S (i9000) or Galaxy S2 (i9100). People can choose between the WCDMA and TD-SCDMA version MX3 64GB, and with the discount deducted it will just cost 2099RMB (€245, 340USD). You can buy the discounted MX3 64GB at Meizu’s official online store or at their special WeiBo page created for this event. In addition, Meizu mentioned that will be the last time that people can trade-in their M8s to get a discount (haven’t we heard that before?).