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Where are the G firmwares? - Meizufans

Where are the G firmwares?

Almost every Tuesday, when new firmwares appear I am always faced the same question:
“Where are the Global firmwares? Any Global betas?”

Too be honest, it is quite annoying. Not only for me personally, but also for the moderators. Sure it is a normal question, but for us it feels like we were asked this almost a thousand times.
Therefore we wanted to take the chance and put things into a more clear light and try to answer some of your questions once for all.

When will the G version of firmware XYZ appear?
We do not know. Because we are a community forum with no affiliation to Meizu.
Sure we had connections into Meizu, but since more than a year this went quite as well.
However, usually Meizu needs between 1-4 weeks to appear with a global firmware, but only if the device itself is a global one.
The m1 metal for example will never receive a global firmware as it is a YunOS exclusive device only sold inside of China.

Please also note that test firmwares are usually ONLY released as A firmwares. Sure Meizu had global test firmwares as well, but these were anything else than real test firmwares (more about it later).

Can I use different firmwares on my device?
Absolutely. An international/global device is 100% compatible with A firmwares as well. Exempted from this are devices sold by TCCM in the EU. These devices usually come shipped with a bootloader block and therefore can only use G or O (TCCM internal) firmwares. Luckily this block can be bypassed and the amount of locked devices is quite small as well.

But how about installing a G firmware on an chinese device?
This is NOT possible, unless the device was unlocked/bypassed first. We do have a guide for that on our forum.

What are the differences between A and G firmwares?
Even though we have wrapped this up on our Wiki some things are still a bit unclear.
During Flyme 1 to 2, the G firmwares were called “HK” for Hong Kong and A firmwares “CN” for chinese firmwares. There was no differences between the two.
At Flyme 3 small differences appeared. When Meizu introduced translations for Flyme it first was available to international devices only. However, this changed within 2 weeks.
The only difference left was that G firmwares came with preinstalled Google Play services.

By the end of Flyme 4’s time this changed drastically. Because Meizu and its distributors couldn’t reach their sales limits they decided to remove the languages in later Flyme 4 releases for A firmwares. Another difference was the music service, which became inaccessible for international devices.
The first few Flyme 5 releases though contained multi-language support, which was later on removed again for an unknown reason. Still, this doesn’t means that you now have to change your firmware version just to use different system languages.

I personally do own a Pro 5 since December 2015. Currently I use the latest stable release Flyme OS and my device language is… Well…
It is German!

You have read right, I do use a chinese firmware, but my entire device is in German. Okay, maybe not 100% like the Settings app for example, but all the other system apps and non-system apps are.
Even the browser (latest 4.5.0010 release) is in German. So how is that even possible?

It is quite plain. Meizu has indeed removed or rather left out the choice to choose the other languages in the A firmwares, but the strings.xml (translation files) are still present and the same as in G firmwares and yes, the translations are 1:1 the same as in the global firmwares. All what it takes is a rooted device and morelocale2. Just open the app, select the language of your choice and it will do the rest.

What shall I do now?
It depends on you! If you are happy with your firmware you can stay where you are, if not you can try to find the “right one”.

If you do want to stream Music for free (OpenVPN needed) and finally want to use all the Flyme features like the AppCenter or Theme Store and you are sick and tired of the crippled G firmwares, you should definitely try the A firmwares.
Please only note that the Play Store is missing, but can be installed with the Google Installer quite easily.

Nonetheless we hope that this article was able to help to solve some of your questions.