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Meizufans goes India - Meizufans

Meizufans goes India

Meizufans India
Today is a special day.

Since more than 2 years Meizufans is existent. The one or the other most likely knows us already, maybe even since day 1.

But what is this all about? What is our motivation for this?

Well, a certain amount of our traffic comes from India.

India is a country of colours and cultures.
India is a country of growth.
Yet we should not forget at all this bloom its economic, political and social problems.
Just like the fact that India is the biggest democracy on this planet and so is an epitome of the selfsame.

Like a star at the horizon, India is raising to a better future and hopefully a more equitable one.
A future which will lead this country to strength.

But to get back to the point.
At all respect we have for this country and its citizen, we do not want to fix it to something, not even ourselves.

Therefore, we would like to give the Indian people a place where they are free of any censorship and get a reply on their questions, they have requested. Free of any influences.

Different than Meizu does.

Because Meizu does not tolerate any criticism or very less. They set everything in hiding their mistakes. Once I read a post of an Indian user writing in their official Forum why Flyme has been removed and root access disabled in the Indian firmwares. “Do you think Indian people cannot handle this?”, he asked.
A question which is worth to be asked, but also a question which has been simply ignored instead of replied.

But there is also another approach to hide these mistakes. Customers are getting attracted by cheap devices and internships to later show them. To show that they depend on Meizu and cannot help themselves.

But we are telling you, that you do not need this. Do not let yourself getting sold for dumb, because the solution is already lying in front of you, and this solution is called a community.

Stop adopting to Meizu, Meizu should adopt to us.

Maybe we cannot offer you great giveaways or internships, but for that – a voice.
A voice of freedom, like you have deserved it.

Because how is Meizu supposed to do so? Can we expect from a company to have a neutral viewpoint on its own interest?

We don’t think so. Even we as international users of Meizu have been censored. First by sabotage and later on by simply locking our devices and even preventing downgrades and so took us our “virtual freedom”.

How is Meizu supposed to ever give us the answers, if we are not allowed to say anything?

And this is the point – we should not let it come so far.

For a long time, India loved Meizufans, but now it is time to return the favor ourselves.

Meizufans loves India!

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