Ubuntu is coming Q1 next year

Since some while there were rumors about a potential a Ubuntu powered device from Meizu. However, before clear plans were made Meizu decided to postpone the whole release of the Ubuntu based device and so it went quiet around it.
A few days ago a leak popped up telling that Meizu plans to release a device in Q1 2015, just like an announcement from Meizu that they singed a strategic agreement with Canonical. Yet it is unclear on which device Ubuntu will run. Before it was said that the MX3 will get an Ubuntu competitor, but after the release of the MX4 it is unclear which device will get it first.
From a technical aspect Ubuntu could perform on both phones without any problems, depending how well the development is done.
In the last time it seems like Meizu wants to bet on more than one horse, e.g. YunOS for the MX4. Most probably it is meant to attract developers to code custom roms for Meizu devices. However without kernel sources it is going to be a long way for custom roms on our beloved devices.
Let’s see what the future brings, yet it looks promising.