Tune-in live on the Meizu MX4 launch event!

Meizu MX4 launch event 1430h

With less than 24 hours until the official launch event, we thought it would be nice to inform you about what you should expect on the MX4 launch event. Recent postings on WeiBo from Meizu VP Li Nan state Meizu will only be presenting one phone tomorrow. The ‘Pro’ version will not be released with 2K screen will not be released yet. Instead, Meizu will highly likely present the ‘Standard Edition’ MX4 which is said to have a 5,4 inch Full HD screen, a MT6595 octa-core processor and Flyme OS 4.0. The ‘Standard Edition’ MX4 is supposed to cost 2499RMB (€310, 405USD) for the 16GB version. Other versions are supposed to cost 2699RMB (€335, 440USD), 2999RMB (€370, 490USD) and 3099RMB (€385, 505USD) depending on the specification. Like with the MX3 and MX2, there will be 2 versions according to China’s State Radio Monitoring Center. The first version is M460, which supports China Mobile’s TD-SCDMA networks. On the other hand there’s the M461, which supports WCDMA and LTE FDD 4G networks. Both versions support the TD-LTE 4G network however.

Please keep in mind the paragraph above contains unconfirmed information and might turn out to be completely false. So, don’t forget to tune-in on Youku or QQ and watch the live stream of the event tomorrow! It starts at 14:30 (Beijing time) and takes place on September 2 (naturally). The links below will take you directly to the live stream:

Youku | QQ