I might not be someone well known, nor someone who has to say a lot. I am who I am, a 17-year-old student and webmaster, but I have a voice, like everyone else. And today I want to use this voice.

When I yesterday went to school I thought it would be the same Friday as always. I stood up at 7AM in the morning and came back home around 3PM, tired from school. I had nothing special planned for today, except I found out that GizChina Italy was also hotlinking to us.
And then I played some games with my friends. Yep, that sounds like a normal and boring day.
But not even 700km away from my doorstep, hundreds of people get killed, thousand terrorised.
Why? Because of “religion”.

But this is not true. These people are not religious, they are not even people, they are simply animals. Like a plague they are expanding worldwide, in almost every country, exploiting Islam for their own greediness.

The worst is yet to come. What are we doing?
In Germany politicians simply talk and deliver a few weapons to Kurdish Peshmerga, hoping it will be enough to defeat an army of hundred thousand people. Meanwhile people from these countries are trying to escape from war. “They are coming.” ,a shitty right politician said, but it is true.
They are coming to live a life in humanity, free from war and oppression.
Instead of helping these people we simply reject them. Maybe not politically, but personally.
We do not want refugees, just like we do not want ISIS. We rather prefer to claim that it is the fold of Islam that these people radicalize.
We simply want to keep our nose out of everything and accept massacres and murders like in France or Australia.
Of course we could defend this behaviour by saying: “It was their own choice.” But if they do not do anything against IS, who else should do?
I have to tell you that it is not the time to ask questions. Too long has been the time that we have been running and looking away from these problems in Africa and the middle east, because it was “none of our business”, but this is like saying that we do not care about our world as these countries belong to it.
We cannot run away, we cannot hide. We need to decide!
Decide between being terrorized or fighting for humanity and a life worth to live for.
The people who died in France do not differ from those in Syria or Iraq. They breathed the same air, wore the same clothes, ate and drink like we do. But most importantly they walk on the same ground.
It is the same ground like every one of us is walking on and this ground is named earth.
So why do we tolerate our ground being destroyed by these “soldiers of god”?
They are pigs, without a face and without a name. Trying to seed hate and fear in our society.
It might be easy to say now that the Islam is root of all evil, but this would be rather an excuse than a solution. Real Muslims pray, like we do, believe in god like we do. Share their religion, like we do. And now are victimized by terrorism, like us.
I am Christian and my religion teached me to treat others like I want to be treated.
And therefore it is my, no it is our duty as believers of any religion and humanity to intervene.
Alone we might be weak, but together we are strong. We should stop carrying how someone looks, in what he believes and what he does as long as it does not harm us.

It is time to prepare to fight for the values we and this world stands for.

Mine are charities and forgiveness – what are yours?

I am not talking about war in specific here, even thought I would honestly support the idea of fighting one. We can already change the world by doing small things.

Maybe we should take more time for each other and also care about those, who are not greatly integrated in our society. Because this is where hate starts.

Raise your voice and make the change, because the change will not simply come out of nothing.

My prayers go to all the victims of Paris and their relatives, but also to the poor people of Somalia, Niger, Mali, Kongo, Syria and Libya, who are daily terrorized the same way as it has happened in France.

It fills me with sadness and anger to see something like this, but we simply did not want to care in the last few decades about these countries and so left our “brothers” alone.

Let’s fight for them.