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The Lie (Part 2/2) - Meizufans

The Lie (Part 2/2)

Last time I unveiled personal mistakes. This time I want to finish this topic once for all.
I will take no mince.

Let’s start with simple things.

Meizu & Alibaba

Alibaba invested more than a half billion into Meizu – but for what?
Basically Alibaba acquired a very small amount of company shares. The real deal breaker is YunOS/AliOS. Meizu agreed to release more than 5 devices per year with YunOS.
All Alibaba wants is to expand their OS in China.

The real joke comes now though – where is the money?
The answer is simple: it was stolen by employees and seniors.
Instead of investing this money in the company they decided to fill their own pockets, but we shouldn’t be mad about this though. Meizu employees earn averagely 1100€, so 7800RMB.

This deal is comparable with the MediaTek deal of ~150 million USD. Same situation, same case. Corrupt employees are the No.1 reason why Meizu will fail – which brings me to the second point.

Meizu’s working policy

No matter how much crap you do and how unproductive you are, you will never get thrown out of the company. Instead they will offer you a second chance – over and over again.
Basically the productivity level of Meizu is somewhere between Disney Land and McDonalds.

Until 01.01.2015 employees got 300RMB additionally per month for food, but why they do not pay it anymore? Meizu boasts about their sales.
But everything is fake – Meizu has lost around 0,5% for Q1 2015 and this downward trend is still ongoing.

Overseas department

This is my favorite topic as Robin works here.
Let’s start with Li Nan.

He doesn’t work even for 2 days a week in his office – still getting a payment of more than 25.000€ per month. And just so you know – even if he goes into his office he hardly does anything else than sleeps and takes a break to get to the toilet.

Li Nan is nothing but a mascot.

He claims to be a successful manager, but is not even capable to understand that everyone makes fun of him.

Robin’s friend Ard as another example does nothing (just like 50% of the employees) – and still Li Nan likes what he “does”. I wonder how he is able to base this decision on, but we saw several times how incompetent he is – more about this later.

Then we got May and Ramon, they are the most unpopular employees at Meizu.
No one, really no one, at Meizu likes them.
They are so close minded that they cooperated with TCCM a distributor with the size of a supermarket. The results were 1500 sales within 2 years. Good work.

But now the real hook comes. Around 3 weeks ago a guy named “Walter Zhong” writes me over Facebook. He claimed to be from Huawei and was interested to buy information from me as someone from the overseas department from Meizu had switched to them. Her name was Yunshan, which was later confirmed by Meizu.

So basically Meizu’s working conditions and unprofessionality must be beyond everything what we’ve ever experienced – especially when taking the next point into consideration.

Warranty policy

Li Nan – the head of the overseas department – decided that Meizu devices will receive no longer warranty, if the devices were not purchased by an official reseller or Meizu Mart. Basically Meizu even denies to repair the device, if the customer pays for its repair.

And this brings us to the actual problem. This decision is against Chinese and any European and North American law, making the decision illegal and therefore impossible for Meizu to sell in the EU and US, without breaking any laws. Their expansion towards the global markets doesn’t seem too serious.

GSM License

Talking about laws – Meizu already started to sell devices since almost 2 years in the EU. However despite the warranty policy there is another problem. Meizu never signed, nor applied for a GSM license. The whole thing has gone so far that one of the world biggest tech companies we won’t name here (the one with the G in its name), have investigations running against Meizu.

Even though the GSM license is ready to be signed, it was not done because they were afraid of problems with the Chinese government, Meizu will still have to face a huge problem with this. A problem that might cost Meizu several millions.

Meizu Europe

At the end of this month/next month Meizu will launch their UK office located in London.
It is one of the most stupid things Meizu could do as the United Kingdom is known for being one of the hardest places to start a company. However Li Nan is very optimistic that he will be able to overtake this sector, especially with the help of his two very professional employees – Robin & Ard.

Afterwards it is planned to go over the Netherlands to Germany.
However as I had to find out over a friend, Meizu tried to backstab me by contacting Action S.A. and asking for a cooperation.

Dumb move Meizu…

Li Nan

Not much is known about him. But what we know is that his nickname is “The Panda”.
He is married, has 2 children and lives in Japan, even though he is Chinese.

Besides the warranty policy it was him to remove the languages from the A firmware’s. It was a “strategy” based decision under the pressure of Meizu Italy.

Bullshit if you ask me.
It is only about preventing international users from buying the much cheaper chinese devices.


Meizu Domains

As you all know there is Meizufans Israel as well. It is our independent partner site.
However as its owner Paul told me, Meizu took away his previous domain and gave it to their partner in Israel – BUG.

Same has been done with and
Meizu has no more control over these domains and is not even able to claim them over a copyright/trademark request at the ICANN.

Meizufans Spain

It was Meizu or actually Robin to prevent the foundation of the unofficial, Spanish copy of Meizufans. He ordered me to file a copyright claim.
Most likely Meizu was afraid that we could gain even more power.

I am sorry though, however after iicc showed his real face I am happy with my decision.

Flyme Department

We all might think that Meizu created Flyme, which is correct though. However Flyme acts independent from Meizu, even though they are one and the same company and share a building.

In my eyes this is an extraordinary example of a bad management.

Additionally Flyme developers do not even use code optimization tools as PMD.
This results in the huge missperformance of Flyme 4 and if this would not be enough – their compiler is extremely outdated and most likely not even properly configured.

Quality Control

Not much to say here. It is not existent.
Result are failure rates beyond 25% and general quality flaws as the backcovers and camera glass of the MX4 and MX4 Pro with their gaps.

In the time I have been here the biggest disaster I ever saw was a user complaining that his screen felt out of the device, even though it was not even 1 day old.

Meizu Germany

Around 1 year ago Meizu announced Meizu Germany. However it is nothing else than a cooperation between eFox (based in China) and Meizu. The biggest joke is yet to come:
Devices were shipped even if the distribution contract nor the NDA were signed.

De facto eFox is not an official partner, even if they get the devices from Meizu themselves.

Positive Reviews

I do not want to point at any websites here. However it is very interesting that some sites have extremely positive and some bad critics for the latest Meizu devices.

The reason is quite obvious – they get paid.

For us it wasn’t the case, as Robin always was and has been a huge fanboy.

Meizu Hong Kong

Remember the HK edition of the MX and MX2?
Well, what is Meizu Hong Kong doing today?
Money laundering!

Hong Kong is famous for being a tax heaven, so why Meizu shouldn’t use it?

Actually there is even more I can show you as for example ERP data, engineering firmwares or some bootloader stuff, but I prefer not to as this would result in legal issues.


Edit: How do we know all this?

Meizu VPN
Engineering Firmware