The Lie (Part 1/2)

Wow, we are almost 2 years old! Time to celebrate!

Thats what most would do now, however for our second birthday I will not write any post about how much I like the site or any greetings.
This time I will tell you the truth. Meizufans is not what it pretends to be…

But let’s start slowly.

March 2013 – I applied as moderator and news writer on Meizu Me and my application got accepted – luckily. Some time passed by and I was posting here and there. Parallel to the forum we had a Facebook group, where all moderators could talk about internal things, e.g. report bugs and so on. Basically the group was built upon 6 people including me.

A few months later, somewhere in August, the site was offline for almost 4 weeks, so I offered my help to err0r (Carl Pei – YES the guy from OnePlus) that I could host the website for him, but Carl was quite busy with work and therefore didn’t gave me the info’s I needed to get the site back online. With the time the dissatisfaction raised, not only we were complaining though, many users wrote on the Facebook page when the site will be online again and what has happened.

Powereless as we have been I wrote HondaRacer (Robin Eyckmans) and asked him what he thinks about the downtime. I do not remember why I wrote him, maybe because he was very active back on Meizu Me, but anyway. It was my intention that we create a new site and so it came. Pretty soon we decided for a name and registered the domain on the 16th September and within 10 days we were able to publish the site.

In this time I got more and more known to Robin, basically everything seemed alright with him. He was 17 back then (me 15), we talked from morning till night, it was quite some fun.
However, I noticed his strange behavior, especially his jokes were a bit “strange”. Robin liked to make racist and antisemitic jokes and as I have an immigrant background myself, it is understandable that I am not such a big fan of racism and the beginning I ignored them though.

Around November Robin received the MX3 sample. He told me that he already had an agreement with someone from Meizu, however he required him to have a site he could review it for. On the one hand I was pretty amazed that we could review it on the other I was disappointed that only Robin had a device. Anyway, I could not blame him for that, back then we were nothing special, actually we only had like 100 members.

New Year came soon and so we started the redesigning process of Meizufans, for this purpose we bought 2 themes. One for WordPress and myBB, all in all a good decision. Robin told me what to adjust and I simply did it. We got a little shock as Meizu Me went back online with a new moderator, however it showed to be no concern.

The next few months weren’t so special in the aspect of Meizufans, however the relationship between me and Robin became better and better, we were still talking all day long and basically became quite good friends. Interestingly I started to adopted his behavior. I started to like his jokes even I knew very well they were wrong, but on the other hand it is logical that as more time you spend with a person as bigger its influence gets and so it was the same case for me.

However in December Robin launched a MX3 giveaway, which was a total fake in fact.
There never was a MX3 to giveaway. Because of fun he even registered a fake user.
And as everyone can imagine the fake user won.

Somewhere in April Robin wrote me very excited that he got an internship at Meizu for September. Great I thought, but again I asked myself where the fairness is. In the beginning of the same month we became and official forum as we received full support from Meizu HK and Meizu China, so basically Robin could have said something, but he did not. Instead his friend Ard got a place. He had nothing to do with Meizufans. The only thing he did was posting that OnePlus is so much better than Meizu, but never mind, I do not even want to know the lies Robin told Meizu.
Because of this circumstance a certain mistrust started between me and Robin over the next few months.

September – Robin went to China and was about to visit the MX4 Pro launch event as a Meizu official. He sent me a few pictures of the event and also told me about the meeting of a quite well known blogger, who do not want to be named here. Robin said he was very arrogant and started to make fun about him and his family.
However, the best thing ever was his MX4 & MX4 Pro review. The MX4 Pro was only lend to him for 2 days and so he was actually not able to make an appropriate review.

Around new year 2015 we had a quite big argument about opening a web shop on Meizufans to sell small goods. Samanen (Sam) and me argumented that it would be a quite easy way to make enough money to finance the site and maybe even giveaways at some point it would also underline our independence. Robin went nuts though, so we dropped the idea after a while.

But now the real highlight comes. Somewhere in March a guy named Lutz wrote me. He was working for Action S.A. and was trying since almost 7 months to get a deal with Meizu. Unfortunately the most incompetent employees at Meizu (May and Ramon) were his contact, so he asked me if I have someone else at Meizu he could talk to.
I wrote Robin and we soon agreed to a BBQ in April.

In the meanwhile Robin, a moderator and me had a Skype conversation, but what happened now goes beyond everything you can imagine. As the mod had cancer, Robin started to make fun of him. Cancer became his new favorite word.

April 2015 – Robin arrived on a sunny Friday around 15:30 GMT+1 at my home. I remember that day very well, even though it was spring the weather was perfect. But what I saw let me speechless. Robin is 19 years old and actually looked like a big headcheese. China made him fat, very fat. Evening came soon and Lutz gave me the call that he and his boss had arrived, so we went to pick them up. Not even 10 minutes later we arrived at the hotel and went back to me. Robin was driving a Renault Twingo TCe 90 (90HP) and as the car had a turbo Lutz and his boss made a bit fun about the car. Robin though tried to make some sort of kick down. As Lutz and his boss told me later they felt like 16 in that moment and so like dealing with children.

The BBQ went basically quite well, however Lutz and his boss did not come for fun.
They had of course some questions, 16. They weren’t any special questions, actually quite basic ones. Robin though (made related to his weight) started immediately to sweat like he was sitting on the grill. He was not even able to answer one question properly. He could not even answer which SoC the m1 note had, even though he was having one with him. So Robin decided for a different strategy and started to talk about China, his new apartment and so on. But as we all guess, no one gave a shit.

Within 2h they left and went back to their hotel. Total failure.

The next day Robin and me went to Fulda and experienced almost a car accident as he went with 160km/h into the exit lane, which again proved his childishness. Even though I drove with people who had a real lead foot and drove more than 250km/h on the German Autobahn, no one of them was stupid enough to drive that fast towards an exit.
Around 15:00 Robin made on his way home. Luckily.

On Sunday though Lutz wrote me that he and his boss enjoyed the BBQ and were quite convinced of me, even though I kept relatively quiet. Robin though managed to blame himself extremely and made Action S.A. to give up their plans with Meizu.

As Robin went back to China in May I started to talk more and more with Lutz. Today we are friends and actually do business together, but more about this later.

The meeting was not so fruitless though, Robin gave us a few info’s, so we know that Meizu was about to lunch an office in September/November in the United Kingdom, which is the worst plan you can ever have as the UK has Europe’s most difficult market. So Lutz and me were wondering if we can convince Meizu to work with us and so asked Robin which was a quite big mistake as you can imagine. Due to him the plans were never forwarded to any officials.

This made me very angry and so I talked with Robin once more on WeChat, but as he was drunk he was not on the topic. Instead he asked me if I would like to go to Berlin at the Day of Science so I can get myself a free MX4. He was going to give me an official confirmation so I can take them. The students should not get any devices he said, because they are students.

Pointless bullsh*t.

Then he started to talk about deleting Meizufans as it is “like cancer for Meizu”.
For me the situation was clear. Even though he offered me an internship at Meizu, I felt like this was going to be the worst rip off ever.
I logged into the domain panel and changed all details, then I transferred Meizufans to a different provider and exchanged all passwords.

I split up with Robin in seconds. Of course he tried to get the site back, even with Meizu’s power, but he failed. Which brings us to June, where he and Meizu tried to sabotage our site. However as Meizu has no clue of anything they failed and only caused our traffic to climb up.

This is the end of Part 1.

Of course I did my mistakes as well. Maybe I was not always as innocent as I pretended to be. However I want to do good, I regret what I did… I cannot return in time though and make it unhappen, but sometimes I really wish I could.

I am sorry for dissapointing you, but I hope you can forgive me for the mistakes I did.