Survey results, changes and improvements

To Do


At the 13th of June we launched a general survey. You voted and here are the results!

Totally 230 people participated in the survey.

Question 1 – Are you registered on our forum?
A) Yes – 140 (60,9%)
B) No – 90 (39,1%)

Question 2 – How many ads per page are acceptable for you?
A) 0 – 45 (18,8%)
B) 1 – 64 (26.7%)
C) 2 – 56 (23.3%)
D) 3 – 21 (8.8%)
E) 4+ – 54 (22.5%)

Question 3 – How aggressive is our ad placement? (10 being most aggressive)
10 – 37 (16.1%)
9 – 7 (3.0%)
8 – 14 (6.1%)
7 – 13 (5.7%)
6 – 22 (9.6%)
5 – 30 (13.0%)
4 – 17 (7.4%)
3 – 26 (11.3%)
2 – 25 (10.9%)
1 – 19 (8.3%)
0 – 20 (8.7%)

Question 4 – Shall we provide financial reports (e.g. disclose income)?
A) Yes – 111 (48.3%)
B) No – 119 (51.7%)

Question 5 – Do you use our app?
A) Yes – 138 (60.0%)
B) No – 92 (40.0%)

Question 6 – Which firmware do you use?
A) A – Generic – 84 (32.9%)
B) I/G – International/Global – 118 (46.3%)
C) Y – YunOS – 23 (9.0%)
D) None of the above – 30 (11.8%)

Question 7 – Shall we re-open our Telegram group?
A)Yes – 131 (61.2%)
B)No – 83 (38.8%)

Question 8 – Would you like a semi-annual survey?
A) Yes – 160 (73.7%)
B) No – 57 (26.3%)

Thanks for everyone, who took the time and participated. Even though I’ve lost massive interest in Meizu as seen in my last blog entry.
I still am interested in improving Meizufans.
Therefore, I spent the last few days with improving the site after the feedback given by the survey, chat and feedback form.



– Disabled CloudFlare -> Reduced reponse time by 0,5s
– New Anti-AdBlock -> Allowed to use AdBlock

– Fixed desktop ads appearing on mobile devices -> DFP now displays ads by OS
– Ask for cookie consent only once per domain
– Removed any popunders

Main server


– Fixed HSTS stripping issue -> All headers are now transmitted by HTTPS
– Switched to RAM caching
– Replaced GZIP with Brotli
– Fixed caching headers


– Removed useless optimization plugins
– Recompressed all images
– Reduced JavaScript and CSS


– Upgraded to latest version
– Optimized images
– Redis DB clean-up


– Fixed link to firmware archive
– Improved layout -> Able to see the last 6 firmwares
– Materialized
– Fewer and more user friendly ad placement
– Powered by Hexo


– Updated dependencies
– Improved performance

Firmware Archive


– Using AIO with threading
– Optimized for faster file transfers
– Latest stable firmwares are now available as torrents
– Directly accessible


– Removed HHVM (PHP)
– Powered by FancyIndex

Thats pretty much it. Before you come up with HTTPS – yes, we support TLS 1.3 draft 18. Allowing faster and more secure encryption than ever before.
However, as of now TLS 1.3 is only supported on our main server as this is the part, where the most handshakes take place.
Same goes for Brotli, which would pretty much pointless on our firmware archive.

And yes, we now allow AdBlockers. However, each time you hit “OK” and change or refresh the page, you will be asked to disable your AdBlocker again.
It might be annoying, but as ads are the only income source Meizufans has making it important to protect.
What made me actually think about my previous treatment with AdBlock users, was this comment:

I don’t do a lot of work with Android but when I do, I like knowing that I can visit a site and find the info I want without obnoxious ads that look like download links or the page being taken over by a rouge script that thinks my ad blocker is on. I like sites like this, but they always scare me, because they feel sketchy and are constantly yelling at me and redirecting me. Since I’m not in this community a lot, I don’t always know what I can trust, what’s normal, and what I should expect, so when all I want to do is grab some instructions on installing a ROM on my phone or tablet, this tends to make me a little uneasy.

Couldn’t have said it any better on my own. While I understand people are annoyed by ads, Meizufans as a publisher shouldn’t try to force users into opting into advertisments, rather they should be given a chance to understand the importance of advertisments for a site like ours site. I also have to admit that our previous Anti-AdBlock script looked like it was designed pre-internet.
Talking about trust – Meizufans utilizes Google DFP with AdSense and AdExchange ad inventory, delivering only the “best” (in Google’s eyes) and most secure advertisments. In case you ever run up with a fishy ad report it to Google and us.

Another point I would like to take into consideration is our app. While it does its job, I think that some parts could be integrated better. Especially the front page could be integrated with ease.
I think that the Wiki for example could be included as static pages, which means that they are accessible offline. Making it especially useful on the go, where mobile data is crucial.
So instead of wasting data on loading a HTML page, which is rarely updated, I will rather waste 2MB of your internal storage in the next update of our app.

Last, but not least we’ve to talk about the Telegram group. Honestly, I missed it myself (a little) and also liked the ease of interaction with the community.
What are you waiting for? Join us!