Noreve leather cases for Meizu MX3: pre-order now!

Meizu MX3 Noreve leather cases

We have seen a couple of cases for the Meizu MX3 before, but none of them were really luxurious or made of high quality materials. However, Noreve is about to change that. The French haute couture manufacturer from Saint-Tropez has designed two handcrafted leather cases for the MX3. Both can be customized heavily, with a wide variety of material choices including calfskin leather, raw grained leather and nubuck suede-like leather. No PU leather these cases! The first model is the Noreve Tradition (left case on the picture) and costs €49,90 for the basic model. Secondly, there’s the Tradition B (right case on the picture) which has a stand on the back for horizontal use and two slots to hold your credit- or business cards. It starts at €54,90.

We will be reviewing the Noreve cases for Meizu MX3 soon, so please stay tuned!

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Noreve TraditionNoreve Tradition B