A few days before the release of the Meizu m3 note, we also thought it was time to give the site an update.
We didn’t only fixed bugs, but we also added several new features.

Feature 1 – Ajax
Our forum now supports the so called “Ajax” effect. This allows you to receive new content of the page, without the need to reload the page.
So during a chat or while viewing a topic, it is not longer required to refresh the site Ajax takes care of it.
Especially on mobile devices this can be a handy feature 🙂
Check this out, if you want to see a sample.

Feature 2 – Improved forum layout
Because we put our focus on UX, we also redesigned the layout of the forum. These changes should be most noticable on your mobile devices.
But why don’t you check this out on your own? 😀

Feature 3 – Wiki
As the F.A.Q. page became to filled up, we decided to move to a dedicated solution.
Therefore we went for a Wikipedia like “F.A.Q.”. So far we mainly moved contents of the old F.A.Q., however we plan to add more info soon.
Contributing to the Wiki is not possible for everyone, if you want to do so feel free to drop Rey a PM over the forum.

Feature 4 – Bugtracker
Flyme is buggy, we all know that. But we should give the developers at least a chance to fix it. Therefore we have setup a bugtracker on GitHub. Allowing you to report bugs.
To make sure that the bugs are getting review, we decided to apply a GeoIP based redirect for all visitors from Zhuhai. Please be sure to read the before reporting a bug.

Feature 5 – SMS “OTA”
Don’t you hate it to miss a system upgrade, because the Upgrade app doesn’t notifies you or do you simply want the english changelog for your device?
Then sign up for our SMS based OTA notification service. For just 1€ a month, we will send you a SMS containing a direct link to the forum post, which includes the changelog and download link.
The system is currently on trial and all subscriptions are managed over PayPal. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Last but not least, these changes also feature a new backend. For all technophobes: You better stop reading.
Due to a massive overload of traffic Meizufans hardware has moved to a new host. This features a 1Gbits connection, 24GB DDR4 RAM and an Intel Xeon E5-2660V3.
Furthermore we replaced our webserver, of course we still support all the same protocols as before (HTTP/2 included), however it is now Tengine’s job to take care of that.
Additionally we also configured a multiple replication of all database applications, guaranteeing the highest possible reliability.

We hope you will enjoy your stay!