New rumors about Qualcomm appeared!

Meizu Qualcomm

Remember when Qualcomm sued Meizu? Seems like there is an update on this, but one with an unexpected turning point. According to a post on DigiTimes, it seems like Meizu and Qualcomm agreed on a deal. As Oppo and Vivo started to move away from MediaTek, Meizu also started to follow this trend. The article claims that at least 30% of this years release will be based upon Qualcomm processors (starting from Q3 2017).

But why is Meizu doing this?
Last year Oppo and Vivo (both owned by BBK Electronics) sold combined more than 170 million devices. Meizu’s 22 million shipped smartphones look like a big joked compared to it. Seems like competing with Xiaomi wasn’t such a clever idea afterall.

MediaTek based devices do not gain a lot of attention. Instead they drive customers away (as seen with the Pro 6), therefore Meizu tries to join a new trend and base its new devices upon a better and improved platform.

Despite all these great news, new questions appear.
How will Meizu fix Flyme? New hardware alone is not the key to proper software.
Also what about sources for custom roms? Any chance we will ever be given full access to any kind of source code?

Coming to and end it has to be said that this might be a new chance for Meizu, but as long as this remains a rumor we won’t know if this will happen anytime soon.