New devices announced – again!

Around 2 weeks ago, the M3E was launched. However, it seems to be time for new devices – again!

In a post on the official chinese Meizu forums there were 3 models announced.


The U-Series

Not much has been disclosed, except that we know that there will two devices. One is the U10. A 5 inch device, featuring a 720p powered by a MTK octa core and 2/3GB RAM, just like a 2760mAh battery.
Device number two, is the U20, which is 5.5 inches large, has a 1080p screen and is also powered by a MTK octa with the same amount of RAM, but a 3260mAh battery.

Taking a look at the price it gets clear which markets these devices are targeting (once again). For less than 145€ you can get the U20 or the U10 for 135€.

The third device on our list is a Nokia hommage – the Meizu E71.
As of now not much info was given by Meizu about the E71, but obviously it will feature a physical keyboard.