MX3 TD launch November 16 in Guangzhou

Meizu MX3 TD GuangZhou

After 1,5 months of waiting, Meizu is about to release the TD version of their MX3. The MX3 TD supports TD-SCDMA 3G networks, unlike the normal and Unicom version MX3s. TD-SCDMA is used by China’s largest telecom operator: China Mobile. With about 740 million subscribers, the MX3 TD is more than welcome in China. It’s priced at 2399RMB (€295, 395USD) for the 16GB version, 2599RMB (€320, 425USD) for the 32GB version and 2999RMB (€365, 490USD) for the 64GB version.

When looking at the sales of the MX2 TD, which was the best selling phone at JD Mall at some point, we believe the MX3 will be this kind of success too. For now, only the release date of November 16 is Guangzhou is known, but Meizu will announce it for other cities very soon.

Source (Chinese)