Meizu MX3 MWC 2014

Again, some news from MWC 2014 today. visited Meizu’s booth and discussed the specifications of the upcoming Meizu MX4 phone with the Meizu staff. To their knowledge, the MX4 will come in 3 variants: the ordinary MX4, the Meizu MX4 mini and the Meizu MX4 uni. Also they say it will have a octa-core processor and 5,4 inch screen. The camera will be of better quality compared to the MX3 and it will have at least 2GB RAM. In terms of design, it will have similar dimesions to the MX3 with very thin design and the possibility to operate with one hand. 4G LTE support will also be available. Apperantly, Meizu will not ship a 4G version of the MX3 but skip it to the MX4. Meizu is currently negotiating with European distributors for release in Europe.

Furthermore, Engadget got their hands on a MX3 running Ubuntu. Check out the video down below:

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