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Meizufans goes Anti-AdBlock - Meizufans

Meizufans goes Anti-AdBlock

Some might wonder why they have to wait 5 seconds before they can see the forum.

Anti-AdBlockers! Yes, you’ve read right, we have implentend scripts to detect AdBlock users and deny access to our site.
It might be annoying, but unfortunately it is a required move.

Meizufans has encountered enormous growth in the last few months. It already became so much that even our high performance server isn’t capable of handling it.
Therefore it is unavoidable to upgrade and renew our infrastructure. But how are we supposed to keep the site up, if we do not have the financial resources for it?

Nothing is for free in this world, especially not hosting the biggest Meizu community in the world, with over 55TB traffic per month.

Yes, you have read right, 55TB. Thats the total bandwith used by all of our systems.

What has this to do with AdBlockers?
By the use of them Meizufans is constantly losing 90% of its possible income. 90%, equaling an amount 8 times greater than the current one.
Money we need to expand our server network, maintain the side (side cost) and lawsuit (yes, this is extremely important).

We do not want to encourage you to click on the ads, not only that it wouldn’t be allowed by Google AdSense ToS anyway, but also because it is useless and annoying.
You already contribute by simply allowing the ads to be displayed. No clicking required, nor you have to do anything special. Simply let the side load with all the scripts.
Most importantely is the fact that you do not disable your AdBlocker for me, but for yourself.

Yes, you’ve read right. Every cent generated by our site can be used for improvements, resulting in a better user experience in all aspects.

But our changes go beyond all that. Meizufans now officially targets profits. Not only because we’ve lost money this year, but also because we want to set a new course.
From a community to a “service point”, this is what we are targeting.

The only cutdowns we will have to make are… basically none! We will remain 100% free for everyone and continue our work with the same care and love as we did before, nor we will silence any user in favor of an advertiser.

The only thing which makes me mad about this, is that it is required to take these actions as I always hoped users will understand the use of advertisments. Instead I have to listen to some people claiming that it cannot be so expensive to host Meizufans and that we make good money with advertisers like Flos Mall.

And even though I have exposed the financial details of our site they still do not want to cooperate.
We only show 3 ads overall and could reduce that even to just 2 ads if you would disable your AdBlocker.
So maybe check other sites like PhoneArena featuring a real ad overload.
But instead you complain about advertisments you never saw and destroy the work and time invested into Meizufans.

But for these people I have a very clear message – you are not welcome.