Meizufans goes Hyper

As most of you might already have noticed our frontpage has changed completely, we have a new logo, favicon and a firmware archive. But why?

Soon we will have our second birthday and if we look back at the last few months it gets clear that a heavy time is behind us.
We faced a lot of failures and drawbacks, but it doesn’t matters what happened, what is beyond does.

Never forget what has happened nor forget to look forward. And this is what we are doing – looking forward. For this purpose we created one of Europes most modern backends. Not only we moved all of our systems to Germany, we also replaced the complete software stack.
The biggest highlights are NGINX with PageSpeed, HHVM and a CDN, which drastically increase the site performance.
Not to forget the replacement of WordPress with Ghost.

It is time to forget the past, but it is also time to continue.

Therefor we want to give a big shout out to you – our greatful users.
Without your endless support we would never have come so far. You gave us the motivation to continue when Meizufans was down, you helped us when we were struggeling and you were the ones to power this site with all your posts and topics.

Meizufans might be extremely time consuming, however it is also addicting.
This forum doesn’t brings us any money, it is always the black 0. However it gives us a great feeling. The feeling that we can help others and this is priceless.

At this point I (AOKP) would also like to thank the new and already a bit older moderators.
As sorry as I am, I barely can pay them with money, but at least with my respect.
Thanks a lot to samanen, Kokkie, furious.builder and Ultrametric for all the time and knowledgment you invest into this site.

It feels great to be able to share my passion with others and move forward.

But before I will close this article I’d also do something untypical for Meizufans – a political statement. We all know about the current problematic with refugees.
Maybe they have a different culture, maybe a different skin color or religion, however they have dreams, like we have. Lets not be afraid. It is time to be open and give them what every human deserves – the right to live. To live a life in peace and freedom.

Thank you for your support.