As most of you might have noticed Meizufans is in a quite rough time, due to recent events.
However, we do not want to waste anymore time with what has happened and therefor would like to get back to our core business:
Member support.

To achieve a higher satisfaction and quality we decided to rework the website and especially the forum completely.
We did not only turned everything white, we also changed backends.
Meizufans now uses the NGINX mainline channel to receive updates even earlier. Despite that we moved from myBB to nodeBB, which is using Node.JS instead of PHP, offering new features like Pushbullet support, desktop notifications and a chat system.
However, the only disadvantage is the missing Tapatalk support, even though the site is working flawlessly on mobile devices.
But enough of these technical details, we will release a “changelog” soon in the “General Chat” section of the forum, just like additional details regards nodeBB.

Yet these aren’t the only good news.
You managed to break the 1000 Likes on our Facebook fanpage, just like a new traffic record (+200.000 visitors for this month).
We really want to thank you for the great community support and hope we are able to give a bit back with the new system.
As always it has to be said: Without you, we would never have come so far.
It is a great task to keep this community running as it’s always great to meet new & old faces, just like to make users happy with our simple work.

Meizufans is now approximately 1 and something more than a half year old.
Lets hope we will make it to our second birthday 🙂

We also created a little survey by the way, allowing you to give us feedback anonymously.
Do not hesitate to tell us what you think!