Meizufans 1st birthday – giveaway inside!

Meizu EP21

Today we have the 26th September, 2014. A day like any other… but 1 year ago this was the day where everything started. We never thought we will have such a huge success and will come so far, but lets start with day 1.

It was the 13th September, 2013. Meizu Me was down since 2 months already and I wanted to get it up again by hosting it on my server. However, because of disinterest from the founder, I decided not to do this. So in the staff group we were like 6 people, if I remember right. And one of them was HondaRacer. I don’t know why, but at that day I wrote HondaRacer; maybe he did a post in our group or whatever, but I really don’t remember why I contacted him. However, I told HondaRacer I wouldn’t keep my offer up anymore. HondaRacer was frustrated as well. We all waited so long and many promises were made, but nothing happened.

So we chatted a bit and I told HondaRacer that he could start a forum on his own as well. Actually he seemed to be interested but a bit concerned about this challenge, which was understandable, because he had no clue of any coding language or script installations. The next day HondaRacer wrote me “ is available” and this was the hour where Meizufans was born. 2 days later he bought and registered the domain and so we started.

Within 10 days we tested out a lot and tried to find stuff we could use and people would like. And then it was there, the 26th. I remember it very well – Meizufans v1: Crappy MyBB theme, no real features and design like today. After we did some advertising, new users registered and joined us. The forum started to grow, while Meizu Me was still down. It didn’t took long and HondaRacer wrote the MX3 review – that was our debut! More and more users came, registered and participated.

Everything started to get running – until December. It was the 10th and Meizufans was down… The problem was related to my old partner, who simply left me alone that day and all of his lies showed up. I remember how nervous I have been writing HostEurope to boot the server once more up so I could secure Meizufans’s data. It really was up to them… Luckily the said yes and on the 13th we were able to transfer our files to a new server and get the site up again. This was the longest and most dangerous downtime we ever had, but it didn’t slowed us down.

At the night of the 31st to the 1st January, 2014 we released our new design. Meizufans looked a lot more modern and powerful, it actually really became a place where you wanted to stay.

February came and so our new backend, which was bigger and faster. It was necessary because our traffic bypassed 10.000 visitors a month back then. In the end of February Meizu Me “restarted” and became active again, but not for long. The way was free, especially after Meizu gave us their full support.

The next few months were boring – a server upgrade here and there, but nothing so important.

All in all, our dreams became true. We worked hard for it, but we would have never done it without you – the community. Together we have gone through many things, worked for them, got sometimes disappointed as well, but we never gave up. At this point I would like to give a special thanks to:
– HondaRacer
– samanen
– nnkos

I want to thank you all for what you did and the time you invested into this project. Without people like you, we would have never achieved such a huge success. And as of today I also officially release the new backend. Meizufans is fully hosted on a SSD now, has more RAM and CPU power and uses a even faster backend then before (MariaDB).

But that’s not all. To celebrate this milestone, we’re giving the Meizu EP-21 earphones to two lucky persons. Simply head over to the discussion thread for details!