Meizu to give discount to people who trade-in their Xiaomi phones?

Meizu MX3 Xiaomi trade in

According to a poster leaked by Ctech China, Meizu will be offering a discount on the MX3 to people who trade-in their Xiaomi phone. It seems all Xiaomi phones can be used for this, since no specific models are mentioned. With the discount of 500RMB (€60, 80USD), it could be a great deal for Xiaomi Hongmi users! This means you could get an 64GB MX3 for just 2099RMB (€245, 340USD) With Flyme spotted running on the Xiaomi Mi3 before, it seems Meizu is really going after Xiaomi. Where Meizu used a more conservative method of marketing in the past, they are now changing it to a more aggressive method. What do you think of the discount? Let us know in the comments!