Meizu reacts – in a not so positive way

A few weeks ago, we have reported about internal problems at Meizu.
However, since then they try to get us silent.
Just recently our registar contacted us and reported that there is a dispute regards the domain, as it is claimed to be stolen.

But first one by one.
Last Friday I’ve received the notification from that it seems like we stole the domain, which is absolute non-sense.
However, it is pretty obvious that this “incident” was caused by Meizu. So I managed to contact our fellow founder and Meizu’s Global Branding Manager (thats how he calls himself) and asked him for a response. Unfortunately he did not found it necessary to respond. Until today:


Everything is said here I suppose.

Oh and by the way, next time please do not try to log into my 2-factor secured Gmail account.
Thank you.

Depending how will decide we might lose the domain, therefor I pledge you to check our Facebook Page here and there, so you know whats going on.