Meizu Pro 6s – Rumors destroyed

Meizu Pro 6s
Its been a time since our last post, however until then nothing really spectacular happened and due to the Chinese National Holidays Meizu wasn’t working anyway. Not even a week has passed and there are new news about the Pro 6s. Remember when several tech blogs claimed it would finally bring us the so beloved Exynos, which we all were waiting for?

Well, the news here are about that one – our biggest love. Instead of shipping the device with an Exynos CPU, making it the “real” Pro 6, Li Nan decided to give it a MTK Helio X25. According to an Antutu benchmark it will come with up to 4GB of RAM and a FHD screen.

So where is the difference between the normal Pro 6 and the Pro 6s?
To be honest, we do not know. They look same, have the same specs and are most likely to share even the same screen size.

But before we act up again and start to cry even more we should still wait a bit. As of now nothing of this has been really confirmed. Maybe Li Nan is trying to fool us, isn’t he? 😉

Let’s face a more “practical” problem instead. Often people ask me or the Telegram group why Meizu is using MediaTek. To answer this question we first want to take a look at the former supply chain. All devices up to the Pro 5 got an Exynos chipset (except MX4, MX5). Which means more than 5 years Samsung chipsets. However, it came to our attention that the Pro 5 has a little issue. The screen is said to be not as bright and nice as an usual AMOLED one. Therefore, we can assume that Samsung might not be shipping their “best parts”. Taking a look at the current market share of Samsung within China this can be certainly understandable.

Why ship your competitors, when you can win some market share on your own?

And honestly, who wouldn’t do same as Samsung? As you know money doesn’t grows on trees, especially when you craft a phone with a battery more fatal than a daesh fighter blowing up itself.

Jokes aside. Now think you are Meizu. You have a supplier, which is unreliable and a multi million dollar investment from Alibaba and MediaTek. Its a choice between evil and less evil. A choice which your fans would welcome or your business needs.
And even though my personal opinion about Meizu is not any good, I still wouldn’t welcome Meizu to go bankrupt or in any other financial issues. Not yet at least, because at all the hate I share for Meizu, I also share the same amount of love for it. No matter which adventures I expired a Meizu device has always been at my side for the past 4 years.

So lets wait for the launch on 3rd of November!