Meizu Pro 6 – A truely interesting device


Today at 2.30PM Chinese time, Meizu has finally released the Pro 6 in an one and a half hour long launch event. However, this launch event turnt out to be really surprising.

As we have said earlier, the Pro 6 will come with a FHD 5.2″ Super AMOLED screen (423.6 PPI), just like a Helio X25 featuring 4GB RAM and a Mali T880 MP4.


It is said to be 147.7mm long, 70.8mm wide and 7.25mm tall at a weight of 160g.


Just like the Pro 5, the Pro 6 will also support VoLTE telephony. Furthermore it features mCharge 3.0, USB 3.1 and eMMC 5.1.
The camera sensor is a Sony IXM230 with 21MP supported by the previously mentioned laser stabilizer. The real “highlight” though is 3D touch allowing a pressure based gesture control, just like HiFi Lite (Cirrus Logic CS43L36 sound board).
Powered with a 2560mAh battery, the device is said to deliver a stunning runtime.

For a price of 2499RMB (32GB version) or 2799RMB (64GB version) the device is a snap.


And this guys, was the Pro 6 – nothing else but a big pile of crap.

Even though I have promised not to be so “negative” anymore, I still cannot ignore the fact of this scam.

Actually, if I wouldn’t have seen the launch event by myself on Youku, I wouldn’t believe my own eyes, thats how bad it was.

What Meizu is selling here is nothing else, but a weaker Pro 5 with 3D touch and the image stabilisator everyone asked for. However, launching a completely new device, which is even more expensive than the Pro 5 while being less performant is just a big scam. Besides that, the whole event reminded me of a dictators speech – one is talking, everyone is clapping and cheering. After almost every slide the “fans” screamed like they were on losing their minds. Yet I wonder why, because every slide discovered that the Pro 6 was going to be weaker than the Pro 5 in almost all aspects. Lets not even talk about Flyme. As soon as I saw that the Flyme head entered the stage I immediately quit the stream – we all know why, don’t we?

I excuse myself for this rage, but I think I speak for all Pro 5 customers, if I say that this launch was nothing else than a show, a very pathetic one which underlines how little Meizu seems to care about its real userbase.

And before Meizufans is getting called a “hate blog” again – I am sorry for my temperament, but I won’t and cannot hide the truth we are facing here. If everything would be so great and fine in Meizu’s world, this site wouldn’t even be existing.

I am deeply sorry for this disapointment.