Meizu Pro 5 – The different type of review (1/5)

Meizu Pro 5 Box
Brace yourself!

Today I opened my post box and guess what I found in it?
A brand new 32GB Meizu Pro 5!

Of course it is early for Santa and therefore it wasn’t sent by him. Instead our new partner and sponsor Flos Mall, was so kind and send it to us.
I will write a more detailed review about them afterwards.

So, I got myself a knife and quickly opened up the whole package, where a mat, black box with a silver “PRO 5” greeted me.

Let’s see whats inside.
Meizu Pro 5
What we’ve got here is a Pro 5 with 32GB internal storage (24.8GB usable) and 3GB of RAM.
There also is a 64GB version with 4GB of RAM, but thats another thing (unlike this version, the 64GB one comes with headphones).
Additonally there is the USB Type C cable and a wall charger for speed charging.

Kindly Flos Mall also gave me an EU wall adapter, but I clearly discourage anybody using these sort of adapters, as it is quite dangerous.

Pro 5 USB Typ C
Pro 5 Charger

I will skip the Pro 5 itself and jump to the stuff lying under it, which is nothing else than a warranty book and a SIM opener in Flyme style.
Pro 5 Warranty
Pro 5 SIM Opener

Now it is time for the actual device and I have to say:
I am surprised.
Pro 5 Unboxed

The Pro 5 is just massive. 5.7 inch are an insane size, if you ask me, but astonishingly it feels very good in my hands.
Nor the device slips out of them, nor does it feels unhandy or oversized, even though I can barely reach the other end of the device with one hand.

Overall I really like the design and the materials used. Nothing feels cheap, nothing looks bad. It is rock solid.

Here a few more pictures of the device:
Pro 5 Side
Pro 5 Compared to Hand
Pro 5 Back

Of course, this is not the complete review. For the next 5 days I will write daily about my experience with Meizu’s latest flag ship. So be prepared for more!