Finally it is over! More or less though 😉

Therefore it is time for my resume.

Since last week Thursday I have been using the Pro 5 (once more thanks goes to Flos Mall).

As most of you know I have a certain aversive behaviour towards to Meizu due to understandable reasons, however I tried to be as objective as possible with this review.

To be honest, the overall impression of the Pro 5 is superb. It features and awesome screen, an unique user interface and enormous performance.

But despite all that the Pro 5 is indeed not perfect.
Even though I have relatively big pants, I had problems for the Pro 5 to fit into my pocket. 5.7 inch are simply too big and unfortunately Meizu does not offers many options to that (yet). More than that you also have to deal with the strange feeling backcover (still haven’t found a word for it) and a not perfectly polished frame, giving you the feeling of a razor blade sometimes. The fingerprint scanner isn’t so perfect at all, as well.

So the question is, if the Pro 5 is worth its money.
And my reply to it is: “Yes, it is.” The problems mentioned above are not a disaster, but the rest of the device outperforms them. Only the finishing is really to critisize (for 380€ expectable).

But, and here we go again, from a software side I still wouldn’t buy the Pro 5.
Flyme 5 has indeed done some steps back to its root, working more fluently than ever, but it still suffers under its badly optimized RAM settings.

It happened to me that I did not received some notifications, even though the apps were locked in RAM.

What I also clearly dislike is the unibody design, which is related to a major issue at Meizu.
Do not get me wrong, I am fine with unibodies, but if you consider the fact that there is almost no warranty on the phone (only if bought from an official retailer), it is rather a reason not to buy the phone (it can get quite difficuilt to exchange parts).

Overall the phone is indeed an improvement compare to the MX4 and MX4 Pro, but still it has to be enjoyed with carefullness, due to the above named reasons.

You should not be deceived from the end product.

Some might think now:”Oh well, Flyme 5 will improve for sure, it already seems to be relatively fine.”

But the answer to that is that it doesn’t have to be the case.

Similar has happened with the MX4-Series. Instead of working a proper OS, engineers made the software worse with every release, making it almost unusable for the customer.

The highlight was when Meizu removed intenational language support from the chinese firmwares and drove itself into a “restrictive” course.

Therefore we need to wait and see what the next few months will unveil and what Meizu’s future plans are.

So far their strategy works – “back to the roots”.


  • Fast SoC
  • Good battery
  • Good Sound
  • Good Camera
  • Superb screen
  • High connectivity
  • Almost no stutters
  • Relatively cheap


  • Finishing is not perfect
  • Slow fingerscanner
  • NFC is not working properly
  • Flyme is still not properly optimized
  • Notification delay (or do not arrive at all)
  • No service, if not bought from an official retailer

Overall I give a general buying recommendation for the Pro 5, if users can live with a product, which has almost no service, but at least features high performance.