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Meizu Pro 5 - The different type of review (3/5) - Meizufans

Meizu Pro 5 – The different type of review (3/5)


Day 3 already (almost done…)!
Today I will take a closer look at the brand new Flyme 5.

The first thing you notice, is that not much has changed. Icons look similar, drawer layout is the same. The only new addition is the toolbox app (the weather widget is mine).


The tools are simple, but indeed useful sometimes. But it is nothing special either. Actually it reminded me of EMUI 3 from Huawei. Not only that Huawei launched EMUI 3 earlier than Meizu its Flyme 5, no it also comes with the same features and many UI elemtens look similar.


But lets take a look at a heavily critizied point at Flyme. Language support.
Luckily Flyme 5 features all languages, which were previously removed from A firmwares, however the joy only lasts until you want to use them.

Settings German

Here an example. The settings app is half in German, half in English, and yes I rebooted the device. Some system apps, like the Calculator for instance do not even contain any multi lingual strings. But sometimes not even the english translation is perfect as you can see down below.
Settings English

Task Killer Flyme

But lets focus on some other reworked apps. For example the “task killer” was completely overhauled and reminds a lot of the stock Android task killer.

Notification Drawer

Or the notification drawer. Indeed it looks similar to the Flyme 4 one, but it makes a cleaner and more organized impression.

Music Lockscreen

Another thing I clearly like is the lockscreen, when you are playing Music. It would be even better, if you could fast forward from it.

Performance Mode

The last question we are going to face ourselves now, is how well the Pro 5 does in benchmarks on Flyme 5. Interestingly Flyme auto recorgnizes Antutu and offers us to use the high performance mode, which we accept thankfully. As you can see I already ran the benchmark and achieved 83066 points.


Here a comparison to other Pro 5’s. Overall it is a solid score, which only got beaten by the Huawei Mate 8 with its 92746 points.

So to come to a conclusion, Flyme 5 is indeed an improvement compared to Flyme 4, but still miles away from being good. The software is still horrible to say it carefully.
But luckily Meizu’s engineers discovered the concept “too big to fail”, which results in almost no lags of Flyme 5. Yet it does not changes the fact that Flyme 5 feels like a playground or an unfinished project.

Another thing I disliked straight ahead is the new music app. It is not the design which makes me mad, but rather the fact that free online music has been removed for foreigners.
The only way to make it usable again is to use a VPN from South Korea or China itself.

~ End of Day 3

Many people asked me about the on screen time of the Pro 5 by the way. Down below a screenshot what I could achieve so far, while having the display 100% light up.
On Screen Time

Tomorrow we will try to max this beast out with an extensive multi media test, so be prepared.