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Meizu Pro 5 - The different type of review (2/5) - Meizufans

Meizu Pro 5 – The different type of review (2/5)

Day 2!
Ok, actually it is Day 3…

Friday morning I made myself ready for school. So, while I was about to get my pants, I was thinking: “Wait a second, you have a 5.7 inch phone…”

Having that in mind I put the Pro 5 into my pocket and luckily it fit inside.
Anyway, it was time to go and write my politics and economics exam.

After I was done, it was time to get the phone out for the first time and check, if anyone messaged me. Thanks to the jeans I could get the Pro 5 out as easy as it went inside.

Here I noticed another “problem” though, the back cover feels a bit slippery, even though the phone does not moves. On the one hand it feels strange, on the other I kinda like it.
But I guess it will take some time to get used to it.

The rest of the day went as always: Boring.

However, during german lessons I discovered the use of the dual SIM function. Not that I wasn’t aware that this phone is capable of it, but I rather discovered a main benefit.

As soon as you’ve used the data of your first card, you can simply switch to the other, over the settings menu. Of course the data is still limited, but at least it helpt me bypassing 90 minutes of nonsense.

Arriving home after 7 hours school, I went in front of my computer and connected the Pro 5 for the first time with it. Therefore I grabed the USB Type-C cable and took a closer look at it. The USB connector for the computer reminded me directly of an Apple one, which is not as bad as it sounds. Thanks to this, it does not matters which way you put the USB cable in, same goes for the Type-C port.

After I had some Music on my phone I put my headphones in (yep, the 32GB version has no headphones included) and noticed a difference straight ahead. The audio jack is pretty tight in a positive way. I can lift the phone over the headphones and shake it heavily, nothing will happen.

So as the day was going to end I still had 60% battery left, still I decided to charge the phone and therefore gave the original charger a try as it features speed charging.
Within 45 minutes the phone was fully charged again, however, I noticed that the battery became hot – around 45°C/113°F. Some might be concerned now, but this is the side effect of speed charging. Due to higher voltages the battery heats up more than usual.

~ End of Day 2