Meizu postpones Ubuntu, announces new Flyme plans

Flyme OS for OnePlus OPPO Sony HTC Samsung

During a Meizu event in Chengdu, which ended yesterday afternoon, Meizu announced several new plans. First and foremost, Meizu announced that they will release Flyme OS for many devices. Some of the manufacturers included are OnePlus, OPPO, Sony, Samsung, LG, HTC and even Nokia. Some other manufacturers are included as well. Noticeable is that Xiaomi is not included. Furthermore, Meizu announced that they have opened two branches, one in Shenzhen and one in Chengdu, and there’re 3 more to come. They also said that have considered using a Qualcomm processor, but they could not give a definite answer whether it would be used or not. Unfortunately, Meizu has also announced that they have postponed the Ubuntu project.

On top of all this, we published our Meizu NFC Label review today. Check it out here!