Meizu – A never ending game

Meizu HQ

Round about 2 years ago Meizufans split from Meizu. I remember the beef and the critics on both sides. Meizu’s and mine. People called Meizufans a hate blog. We weren’t “Meizufans”, but rather “Meizuhaters”. However, instead of pursuing my personal hate towards Meizu, I decided to follow my objective and continue a mainly Meizu friendly site.

2 years passed with ups and downs in my own personal life and Meizufans itself. We set new dimensions regarding our traffic and broke Meizu Me records a thousand times. However, since November 2016 our traffic stagnated.

Reasons? Plenty.
Issues? Many.
Solutions? None.

In the past 7 months every morning I woke up was a hard one as my mind was always buzzing about Meizufans. In December I was thinking for the first time to close the site, but thought it would be a sad ending for such a great journey. Furthermore, it would have been unfair towards all the former and current users, my friends, family and everyone else who supported me, if not even all of us – the community.

While I continued with silence and moved on with site developement (e.g. new theme, TLSv1.3 (not sure if anyone noticed), security patches, performances increases, etc.), I was more and more concerned about the actual reason for this ongoing break down. On the one hand I have to be blamed for my missing interest. My post rate decreased on both, the forum and front page.

Proper analysis displayed another factor, concluding that I am not solely responsible for this.
I bet the majority, who knows the former conflict with Meizu will stand up and say: “You are blaming Meizu for your own failure!”

To these people I can only respond:

“Who the f**k gives a damn, if 999999999 devices are released a year, while not even one is working properly?
Who wants to know about a product with more flaws than features?”

Just think about this. Flyme 6 was initially released around end of November/early December and until now there is still no stable global firmware. Instead we are spammed with so called “global test firmwares”, which are missing 90% of the actual Flyme features and are stiffed with even more bugs than the stable Chinese firmware. This is what I call customer care. At the same time sites like Android Authority claim how great Meizu devices are, writing about their superb quality and great features.

Bet you were paid properly to leave out the bugs.

So what is my intention with this post? Well, just telling you the truth. In the past 2 years nothing has changed from what I initially criticized. The same people who did the mistakes back then are still where they are.

Want a prove? Just check the sale numbers of chinese smartphone makers for 2016. Meizu is not appearing anywhere in the top 10. Otherwise they would have boasted like every year on their Facebook page how great they did. Or want to talk about the former co-founder of Meizufans? He is still in the same position as before.

Practically this means that nothing has been done. Meizu didn’t fix its bugging Flyme firmwares (which started already with Flyme 4), but managed to do things even worse. They even missed to upgrade their Android base, due to their failed management as most of their drivers are either closed source or incompatible with a newer Android version.

Talking about myself I will keep myself short. Meizufans will remain running as long as I have the time and money for it.

Nonetheless, lets not waste a tear for Meizu and rather think about the victims in Manchester, today. Our world is already f*cked up enough – even without Meizu.