Meizu MX4 screen panel leaked

Meizu MX4 screen leaked

According to ‘包子玩机’ WeiBo account, the above pictures are the digitizer of Meizu’s upcoming MX4 phone. The first picture shows clearly how the digitizer looks in reality. It seems that Meizu opted for even smaller bezels this time, just 1,1mm wide. The overall design language has not changed much and the breathing light menu button is also available on the MX4. On the second picture, the exact dimensions of the panel are visible. The MX4 itself will be about 141mm long and about 73mm wide, while the screen is 5,4 inch according to our calculations. Since Meizu used the same 15:9 screen ratio as on the MX3, the screen will be about as wide as a 5,6 inch screen.

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