Meizu MX3 price drop and Jack Wong is back!

Meizu MX3 1999RMB

After an internal meeting within Meizu, Jack Wong has announced he will return to Meizu as CEO. To celebrate this event, the Meizu has dropped the price of the MX3 to 1999RMB (€240, 330USD) for the 16GB version. The prices of the other versions are also dropped, to 2199RMB (€265, 365USD) for the 32GB version, 2599RMB (€315, 430USD) for the 64GB version and 3399RMB (€410, 560USD) for the 128GB version. The price change has already been implemented in Meizu’s official online shop, Meizu’s official Tmall store, more than 600 Meizu stores, JD Mall in China and other channels.

Furthermore, Jack Wong made various announcements in the official Meizu BBS. The most important one probably is that the next Meizu phone will consist of 3 versions: MX4 pro, MX4 mini and MX4 uni. He also said that Meizu will probably draw investments. In his speech to the Meizu staff he said he will release another Meizu phone this year (name not known yet) and that they want to speed up their pace of releasing devices to releasing at least one every half year.

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