Meizu MX3 announced, pre-order now!

Meizu MX3 Water Cube event 1

After numerous of leaks and speculations, Meizu has announced the MX3 at the Beijing Water Cube conference today. The event, presented by Meizu’s CEO Bai Yongxiang, was closely followable on Chinese social media platforms like Youku and Sina WeiBo.

According to Meizu, the MX3 is a perfect execution of a large screen smartphone with the most comfortable one-hand operation. The screen is manufactured by Sharp and has a resolution of 1800×1080 pixels, called a “Gold 1080P” screen. With it’s pixel density of more than 410PPI, the MX3 is able to deliver outstanding display quality. A Samsung Exynos 5 series processor with 8 cores is supposed to make this possible. With it’s design of 4 Cortex A15 cores and 4 Cortex A7 cores, this processor is supposed to deliver 40% higher performance compared to the MX2, while providing a improved battery life at the same time. It is supported by a PowerVR SGX 544MP3 GPU and 2GB RAM.

Battery life has been fully optimized with usage of the intelligent SensorHub processor and various other improvements, like the new 8 core processor and WiFi optimizations. A 2400mAh Sony battery is supposed to improve the battery life even further.

The usage of an 8 megapixel camera might look a little dull on the first sight, but it has a large aperture of F2.0 and a second generation blue glass lens with a 29 layer coating. The camera is supported by a four channel Fujitsu ISP image processor.

Audiophiles certainly won’t be let down by the MX3, since Meizu has used high-end Wolfson audio processor and now also included Dirac HD.

Of course Flyme 3.0 is included with the MX3, which has 324 interactive optimizations and 1579 application screen updates.

The 16GB version without NFC costs 2499RMB (€310, 410USD), the 32GB with NFC costs 2699RMB (€335, 440USD) and the 64GB which also supports NFC costs 3099RMB (€385, 505USD). The 128GB version will cost 3999RMB (€495, 655USD), but this version is not available for pre-order (yet). Pre-ordering is possible in Meizu’s official brand stores, but also on their website. People who pre-order get free Meizu EP-21 earphones.

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