Meizu at the MWC, Pro 5 mini & Pro 6 Rumors

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<p>It has been almost more than 1 month that we’ve posted any news about Meizu. Sadly the flue hit both of our news writters. <br />
 However, lets see what has happened within these 4 weeks.</p>
<p>Event No.1 and definitely the most interesting one is the Pro 5 Ubuntu Edition, which has been unveiled at the MWC. <br />
 The Pro 5 Ubuntu Edition is so far only available as 32GB storage version, featuring 3GB RAM and the same Exynos 7420 as in the “normal” Pro 5. <br />
 For a price of around 329,99$ (300€) including shipping the Pro 5 Ubuntu Edition is a quite snap.</p>
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Besides these great and quite interesting news, there are unfortunately not so great ones as well.
As most of you might have heard already, the Pro 5 mini won’t be released.
The reason for this decision lays in the recent earthquake in Taiwan, which allegedly destroyed the whole Pro 5 mini batch. According to Huang Zhang & Li Nan it wouldn’t be worth to stick to the Pro 5 mini anymore, as it would mean a release beyond any acceptable limits, which wouldn’t be beneficial for Meizu and their fans.
Instead Meizu wants to continue the developement of the Pro 6.

Yes you have read right, a successor of the Pro 5 is already in the works!
Even though there are no real specs yet, the Pro 6 would be very likely to feature the Exynos 8890, same as the Samsung S7.
Additionally Flyme is said to get a 3D touch feature, comparable to the iOS one.

However, so far nothing has been officially confirmed and only remains a speculation, especially if you consider that the release is planned in September 2016.

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