It has been almost more than 1 month that we’ve posted any news about Meizu. Sadly the flue hit both of our news writters.
However, lets see what has happened within these 4 weeks.

Event No.1 and definitely the most interesting one is the Pro 5 Ubuntu Edition, which has been unveiled at the MWC.
The Pro 5 Ubuntu Edition is so far only available as 32GB storage version, featuring 3GB RAM and the same Exynos 7420 as in the “normal” Pro 5.
For a price of around 329,99$ (300€) including shipping the Pro 5 Ubuntu Edition is a quite snap.

Compared to the MX4 Ubuntu Edition it also features a new feature called “NearBy”, which is actually a port of the “Life” app of Chinese firmware, showing you what stores, deals or worth seeing is around you. Basically Meizu & Ubuntu are targeting to have a more content “featured” UI, comparable to Sense from HTC.

The only downside is that the Pro 5 Ubuntu Edition is only available via an invite so far, so Ubuntu fans need to have some patience.

Besides these great and quite interesting news, there are unfortunately not so great ones as well.
As most of you might have heard already, the Pro 5 mini won’t be released.
The reason for this decision lays in the recent earthquake in Taiwan, which allegedly destroyed the whole Pro 5 mini batch. According to Huang Zhang & Li Nan it wouldn’t be worth to stick to the Pro 5 mini anymore, as it would mean a release beyond any acceptable limits, which wouldn’t be beneficial for Meizu and their fans.
Instead Meizu wants to continue the developement of the Pro 6.

Yes you have read right, a successor of the Pro 5 is already in the works!
Even though there are no real specs yet, the Pro 6 would be very likely to feature the Exynos 8890, same as the Samsung S7.
Additionally Flyme is said to get a 3D touch feature, comparable to the iOS one.

However, so far nothing has been officially confirmed and only remains a speculation, especially if you consider that the release is planned in September 2016.

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