Meizu m3 launched!


After the Pro 6 flop, Meizu has finally released an interesting device again.

With its 5 inch, 720p, 2.5D screen the m3 is not only a half inch smaller than its bigger brother, but also almost only half as expensive as it.

For a price of 599RMB (85€/95$) for 16GB or 799RMB (110€/125$ ) for 32GB internal eMMC 5.0 storage, you get a quite powerful device, featuring an eight-core MTK6750, a Mali T860 and 2GB/3GB LPDDR3 RAM, just like a 13MP back camera with a 0.2s focus and a 5MP front one. Yet thats not everything, besides a solid hardware you will also get a 2870mAh battery and VoLTE support.


Talking about VoLTE – even though the m3 doesn’t supports European bands it still features a wide range of them including 4G and even dual sim support.

Furthermore the m3 is sold in 5 different colors ranging from gold, silver and white to purple and blue.

Even though the m3 doesn’t features any “critical” changes compared to the m2 it is definitely an upgrade worth to consider. Not only that you are getting solid hardware for less than 100€, you also get way more than other manufacturers offer at this price range. Actually the m3 is even an alternative for whose dissapointed by the Pro 6 unless you are looking for a good camera.

However, besides all these great news there is also a “little” downside. The m3 is YunOS powered and therefore might be unrootable and even more locked than usual non-YunOS Flyme devices.