Meizu m2 – 3 months after the m1

m2 note

Do you remember the m1 launch in April this year?
Not even 3 months after it’s release the m2 arrived.

So whats new?

Lets start with the design. Everything is like it was before, except that there is a hardware button now, which still lacks a finger scanner.
The display is still a 5″ 720p screen, however the device dimensions are now slightly smaller (140.1 x 68.9 x 8.7mm) compared to the m1 (140.2 x 72.1 x 8.9mm), but still the device gained 3 gramms.

Technically the m2 features a MediaTek MT6735, which is a slightly improved 64bit and 7-mode LTE featuring MT6732. Still there is a significant drawback which the new CPU can not bypass – the weaker GPU. While the m1 used a Mali T760 with 16 shadering units and Advanced Tiling Unit, the m2 now features a Mali T720 with only 8 shadering units and two MMU’s (Memory Management Unit), this means not only a loss of half of the shaders, it also means that the new GPU isn’t capable of handling the memory appropiately. Also the T720 isn’t capable of 16xMSAA, meaning it is not only a small cut down of costs, no it is more a cut down of innovation. At least the m2 has 2GB of RAM and 16GB internal eCCM storage and now features 4G dual SIM. But that is really everything good to say about the device.

However, that is not the best part. The m2 will cost as much as the m1 – 100$. So you pay the same price for 3/4 of the previous performance just to get Lollipop, which, frustatingly, wasn’t officially released for the m1 nor the m1 note (test firmware is available), even though they feature a better hardware basis.