Meizu launches MX4 Pro with 2K+ screen and Exynos octa-core!

Meizu MX4 Pro launch 1

Earlier today, Meizu officially announced the MX4 Pro in Beijing. The MX4 Pro is the latest addition to the Meizu range and brings an upgraded MX4 experience. The screen size has been increased to 5,5 inch and now features a 2K+ resolution of 2560×1536 pixels. Furthermore, the processor has been upgraded to a octa-core Samsung Exynos 5430 processor. This processor features the big.LITTLE architecture with 4 Cortex A15 cores running at 1,8GHz and 4 Cortex A7 cores running at 1,3GHZ. Graphics are provided by the ARM Mali-T628 MP6 GPU. Compared to the standard version MX4, the performance of the GPU has been increased by 130%. The amount of RAM has been upgraded to 3GB RAM, originating at 2GB.

Meizu MX4 Pro launch 2

The MX4 Pro is the first phone in the world to feature a 2K+ screen. Thanks to the resolution of 2560×1536 pixels, the pixel density is as high as 546PPI. The contrast ratio has been improved improved even further and is now rated at 1500:1. Although the screen is 5,5 inch in size, the actual width of the MX4 Pro is only 77mm. This is achieved by a very narrow screen border of only 2,8mm, meaning that the screen takes up 76,5% of the phone. It will be available in grey, gold and ‘silverwing’ colors. The dedicated mTouch-button and camera glass are now protected by sapphire glass, bringing extra protection against scratches and breakage.

Meizu MX4 Pro launch 3

The mTouch-button is a unique feature new to the MX4 Pro. It’s not just a fingerprint scanner. In fact, it’s the first fingerprint scanner integrated to an Android device which supports reading your fingerprint by just ‘touching’ instead of ‘swiping’. Due to the extremely high PPI of 508, meaning that the whole process only takes half a second. The Camera module is the same as on the standard edition MX4. It still supports a resolution of 20,7 megapixel. The front camera is 5 megapixel New on the MX4 is the so-called ‘Retina Sound’. It basically means to Meizu has added several new features to the MX4 Pro that will satisfy the audiophile. For example, the high-end ESS ES9018K2M decoder chip has a SNR rate 127DB. Another chip contributing to the excellent sound quality on the MX4 is the TI OPA1612.

Meizu MX4 Pro launch 4

Flyme OS has been upgraded to version 4.1. New functions include an onscreen ‘bubble’, where you can do several gestures from. Another new feature is the possibility to create homescreen wallpapers with colors fitting to your personal lockscreen wallpaper. Speech recognition, security center, access control, and reading centers have also been improved.

Meizu MX4 Pro launch 5

Because of the 2K+ screen, Meizu has increased the battery size to 3350mAh. The MX4 Pro supports dual-4G, which means it supports TD-LTE, FDD-LTE, TD-SWCDMA, WCDMA and GSM networks. Reservations have also started today for the grey edition. They should be shipped out starting December 6. Meizu managed to keep the prices low, meaning you can buy the 16GB version MX4 Pro for just 2499RMB (€325, 410USD). The the 32GB version costs 2699RMB (€350, 440USD) and the 64GB version 3099RMB (€405, 505USD). And that’s not all. Meizu also announced the EP-21HD earphones, to accommodate for the HiFi features on the MX4 Pro. They will cost 129RMB (€17, 21USD). Check out Meizu’s English website for all the latest information on the MX4 Pro: Meizu –  MX4 Pro