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Meizu Gravity - Designed by Kosho Tsuboi - Meizufans

Meizu Gravity – Designed by Kosho Tsuboi

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When you hear the name “Meizu Gravity” the first time, you might not think of something related to electronics, but rather rocket science.

However, thats not what Meizu is creating. Instead it is a WiFi, Bluetooth and AUX supporting speaker designed by the Japanese Kosho Tsuboi.

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The Gravity is intended to be simple, but appealing at the same time. Some might wonder what this “prism” is – it is a hologram. Yes, you have read right!

Meizu is using acrylic glass and a mirroring technology to display the actual screen on the prism. Be sure to checkout the picture down below for a deeper look in the insides.

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Basically it is a very simple, but also promising concept. Let’s take a look at the most important part – the speaker itself. Back in 2003, when Meizu initially started business their main income source were multi media players. Starting with simple MP3 ones, Meizu worked all the way up, producing even their own headphones, which are known for their solid build and audio quality. The casing of the Gravity is made out of Aluminium, the blend for the speakers are a specially designed Polyester used to protect the behind laying speakers from dust, while making sure the sound is not getting “blocked”. The speakers were custom created by the same supplier of Bose and JBL. Overall the Gravity is said to weigh around 1kg with 262mm in length, 58mm width and 47mm height.

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Additionally the two speakers also feature a TAS5754M sound chip to improve the quality, even if it is a poor quality device streaming the music. Furthermore it utilizes DiracHD sound, a feature we know from previous Flyme 4 releases.

Basically Meizu is presenting a very nice piece of hardware here, but now it gets even more interesting. The whole thing was launched on IndieGoGo. For those of you who are unaware of what IndieGoGo is: A crowdfunding platform. Sure Meizu is not in need of the 100.000$ (+40% are reached already) they are aiming for, but rather for a “hype”. Just like the Gravity, this is a simple, but well thought strategy.

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As of now, there even is a roadmap available. Targeting to ship the Gravity by the end of this year, but for which price?

Meizu is speaking about a retail price of 249$, however if you back their IndieGoGo campaign, you might as well get the speaker for 199$, actually there even was a 169$ special, but that one is sold out already. Yet they do offer combo packs:

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