Meizu Gravity – Crowdfunding succeeded

Approximately a month ago, Meizu launched its Gravity kickstarter campaign on IndieGoGo.
What started rather as a marketing campaign than a need of funds, turnt out to be quite successful.
As of today, Meizu has reached its flexible funding goal of 100.000$. In total they got pass that goal with around 102.412$, meaning a total of 102% of the initial goal.
Within a single day, Meizu managed to receive 26% of funds. Overall the entire campaign was backed by over 400 backers, which means an average of 250$ per backer or ca. 2000$ raised per day.

So, when the Gravity will be ready for shipment?
According to Meizu, developement made quite some progress. Around 2 days ago Meizu updated their campaign with the note that the Gravity’s display was updated, resulting in a better color temperature. Furthermore they improved the sound setup, what also lead to a better resonance at low frequency sounds, while ensuring the same sound quality at mid and high frequency sounds.

Therefore it is said that the Gravity will be ready around December 2016 – perfectly timed for christmas.

However, lets stay tuned for now and see what improvements will be done next, even though we will have to wait to see the final result.