Fresh rumors speculate that Meizu is working on a new type of earphones, codenamed EP80. According to the rumors, Meizu is cooperating with the Japanese luxury headphone manufacturer Final Audio. Apparently, the EP80 will be based of Final Audio’s Heaven s model. Both share the special flat cable design and and have a stainless steel speaker frame. The design is said to optimize air flow and enhance bass, with less distortion in lower frequencies, while maintaining good dynamics. The SNR will be up to 112db, also much like the Heaven s model. The product is supposed to go in production in the second quarter of this year, and will be priced close to the Heaven c model. This would mean 1400RMB (€160, 225USD), or at least a ‘four digits’ price.

On top of this, a new version of Flyme was also released today. Flyme 3.5.2 for the MX3 can be found in our forums!