Meizu cooperating with

Meizu CEO Bai Yongxiang at CES 2014

According to a interview with Meizu’s vice president Li Nan, Meizu will cooperate with for expanding its business to North America. They are supposed to take care of tasks like logistics and after-sales service. Li Nan also said there’re also plans to cooperate with Amazon for online sales. Nothing is known about contracts with mobile phone carriers yet.

Furthermore, Meizu is indeed working together with Ubuntu. The results of this are supposed to show in the following months. Meizu is working together with Ubuntu because they don’t want to be too reliant on the Android platform. There maybe be a dual-boot system.

Lastly, the Q3 United States release with 4G LTE conectivity has been confirmed in a official press release from Meizu. This is what Meizu’s CEO Bai Yongxiang (who is also present at the CES 2014 event) said about it in the official press release:

“In the North American market, many of the largest smartphone brands have raced to introduce increasingly complex features that can intimidate people who are just beginning to consider a smartphone purchase. These people are seeking an alternative that combines the elegance and functionality of today’s smartphones with a friendly, fun experience along with consumer-friendly pricing, which creates a tremendous opportunity for a player like MEIZU in the U.S. market.”

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