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Meizu caught faking benchmarks - Meizufans

Meizu caught faking benchmarks

Pro 6 Plus fake

More than one month has passed by, since we wrote anything. Of course, some might dislike our inactivity, however due to exams and Chinese New Year there wasn’t much to report anyway – until now.

Around 5 days ago, first rumors appeared, which confirmed what we always believed. Meizu has faked benchmark scores.

Yes, there is no doubt for it – all the benchmarks are fake.
After a sales record of 22 million smartphones for 2016, these are news Meizu shouldn’t be proud of.

But to take Meizu into defense, other competitors do the same. HTC, LG, Samsung, Sony and OnePlus were caught too. Does this now means that these manufactureres broke their promises?

Not quite. The benchmarks are “faked”, but not in a way, that you could say that the hardware cannot actually make the score.
The whole story was exposed by some people on XDA, when they noticed that the OnePlus 3T was using more battery and higher clock rates than usual, when running a benchmark app. After modifying these apps, the OnePlus 3T could no longer deliver these results.

Same goes for Meizu’s flagship, the Pro 6 Plus, which delivered even worse results. According to several reports the “Performance Mode” offered by default was not even comparable to the Peformance Mode offered, when running benchmarks. Basically this means, that you will never be able to use the performance achieved in a benchmark.

So far no official statement was given, liekly due to Chinese New Year.
Even though Meizu showed again how untrustworthy they are, we hope that there will be an official statement, at least asking for excuse.

We will keep you updated!