Meizu App Center reaches 600,000,000 downloads, more news from CES 2014

600000000 Meizu App Center downloads

Between the evening of January 8 and the morning of January 9, Meizu’s official App Center has reached 600 million downloads. As a little thank you, Meizu was giving away 10,000 20RMB coupons. Of course, these were all claimed very quickly. Despite the popularity of the Meizu App Center in China, international users tend to avoid it because of a large number of non-English apps and no support for international payment methods.

Furthermore, Sohu had an interview with Meizu’s Vice President Li Nan at CES 2014. During this interview, Li Nan explained Meizu’s goals for this year. Meizu usually does not give away these kind of statements. First of all, Li Nan confirmed Meizu is going to launch at least one 4G phone in 2014. In fact, all Meizu phones from now on will have 4G support. For the China market, Meizu’s partners for launching 4G phones are China Unicom and China Mobile. Li Nan also said many Chinese manufacturers are going to release 4G phones around the 1000RMB (€120, 165USD) price point. Meizu does not want to compete with this price point, so they’re staying in the 2000RMB (€245, 330USD) to 3000RMB (€365, 495USD) price range.

Li Nan also said that Meizu’s sales target for 2014 is 10 billion RMB (€1,2 billion, 1,7 billion USD). Meizu plans to achieve this with monthly sales of about 300,000-400,000 units. Another way Meizu wants to achieve this is by expanding internationally. They plan to further expand their overseas business and open more retail stores outside Mainland China. New stores are planned in Ukraine, Israel and Hong Kong. Online sales are also not left behind: Meizu plans to expand it in order to sell their products worldwide.

Lastly, Meizu plans to further focus on patents. They’ve already received patents for interactive gestures in the Flyme OS and antenna design, for example. By December 2013, Meizu already had more than 70 patents.

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