Flyme 3.6.2A Android 4.4 KitKat

Due to an error at Meizu, users were able to buy the MX3 from Meizu’s official online store for just 17,99RMB (€2, 3USD). But instead of asking the customers to pay the missing amount of money, Meizu decided that the customers would get the MX3s for this price! Also, they can pay 1781RMB (€208, 287USD) more to get the 64GB version of the MX3. Furthermore, Meizu apologizes for the mistake made. The 16GB version MX3 normally costs 1799RMB (€210, 290USD) in the official Meizu online store.

And that’s not all, Meizu released Flyme 3.6.2A today, which can be found here in our forums!