So far there only have been rumors about the Pro 6. Some saying it was going to use the Exynos 8890 as seen in the Samsung Galaxy S7.
Others claimed it is going to have 6GB RAM and a 128GB internal storage with its highest configuration.

However, as of today we know that the Pro 6 is going to be powered by the MediaTek Helio X25 and that exclusively!


But whats the deal with the Helio X25? So far there is only little known about it, but what we do know, is that it is an enhanced version of the Helio X20, featuring a 200MHz faster clock for its A72 cores, just like a GPU overclocked to 850MHz, while the power usage remains on the same level.


Some might or dislike this decision, especially since MediaTek is known for their insufficient provision of source code making it harder for custom rom developers as it already is.
On the other hand this also means that the production costs of the Pro-Series should decrease significantly or that these savings could be re-invested into other components of the Pro 6.

However, lets keep in mind that it still is some time until the Pro 6 will be released and therefore everything could happen. 😉

Stay tuned!