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Today Meizu unveiled their new flagship in a rather tiny than big launch event.
With a 5,5″ screen, 7,6mm thin frame and a full metal frame the MX5 is not only thinner, but also bigger than all previous Meizu devices.
The device itself will be powered by the MediaTek Helio X10 with only 8, A53 cores with 2,2GHz.
Additionally the phone has a dual SIM tray, just like a fast charge feature as known in Oppo devices.

Interestingly the MX5 won’t introduce a new version of Flyme, instead it will be shipped with Flyme 4.5, which is based on Lollipop.
The 16GB version costs around 1800RMB, which equal 260€. The 32GB & 64GB version will cost 2000RMB/2400RMB, which equals 290€ and 345€ for 64GB.
However, yet it is unclear when the device will be available on Meizu Mart or similar online stores.

All in all the MX5 doesn’t seem to be a so spectacular device at all. Yet it shouldn’t be rated so negatively, especially since no reviews have been done so far.
Maybe Meizu has finally heard our prayers and gave us the “MX4” we have waited so long for…