imoo – The Fourth child of OnePlus, Oppo & Vivo family


BBK Electronics – the Chinese parent corporation known for Oneplus, Oppo and Vivo – has surprisingly launched a fourth mobile brand “imoo”. The fourth child of the BBK family has already been teased on Weibo, the Chinese Twitter equivalent, suggesting an education-focused “imoo learning phone”. The company’s first smartphone seems to have a gold-colored unibody aluminium design and is rumored to launch on June 24 in China.

The imoo brand seems to be focusing on the student market and education. From the price point of view we have seen a lot of the Chinese “cheaper but better” value influence from many Chinese manufacturers already (including BBK brands), and the affordability assumably is one of the main selling points of the brand. However, the device being aimed specifically at students and the education industry, we aren’t necessarily looking only for the low price point anymore, but for specializing functionality that could possibly bring unforeseen value in end-customer studies.

What could the real selling point be then? As a hint, imoo leaves a piece of the phone’s body unburied in blur in the teaser pictures – revealing the sim tray (wow) and what appears-to-be the power button. The “power button”, however, has this red “record-button” stylish coloring, and has led to new, more wild rumors.


Indeed the button could possibly have the functionality of simply unlocking the device or taking pictures and recording videos, but what comes to studies we’re expecting the button to be a bit more fancy. Perhaps a button for taking quick voice memos – and a functionality to turn them into text-format notes or presentations in real time, for example? Or advanced battery-technology combined with a beast of a camera? Well, in theory all this can already be achieved with the devices we carry in our pockets right at the very moment. Maybe BBK has more up in it’s sleeve – possibly a compact built-in 3D stylus – or an advanced proximity technology, huh? I don’t know, but neither can I wait to know. We’ll let you know as soon as there are more teasers, leaks or official announcements!

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