Happy New Year, enjoy our overhauled website!

New Year 2014

This is the very first post of this year on Meizufans. So we would like to take this post as opportunity to wish you all a very Happy New Year!

To enjoy this celebration, we have completely overhauled Meizufans, as we promised. Users can now enjoy a responsive front page and forum with flat design, according to recent trends. The front page now consists of large illustrations with a preview of the article text, which results in an organized appearance. Our forum is designed by the head designer of Myskins.org, which is a professional designing company with much experience in MyBB, Meizufans’ forum software. Important new features are a switch to choose the width, which helps on large screens and minimizing the use of images (almost all icons are part of the FontAwesome font). A mobile version of the forum has been added, which is handy for the users who don’t want to install Tapatalk. Many other features have been added too, so it’s best to check for yourself.

Unfortunately we had to disable the current Thank You-system due to bugs which caused it to conflict with our new layout. But please don’t worry, we are working on a solution that works even better!