Meizu caught spying: Flyme OS stuffed with malware?

Virus Detected

Yup, you read it right. The title’s no bad joke, neither a typo.

Meizu is under serious suspicion of sneaking into it’s users’ personal information via infusing it’s Android-based operating system – Flyme OS – with spyware.

The whole scandal has been stated by a long-time Meizufans Forum member: Naphtha. According to the user’s lookups, the system APK’s – especially ones in the latest beta – feature different malicious viruses. These reports are underlined by the results of VirusTotal, causing even AVG to enthuse about the case:


While the official Italian distributor claims it is a false positive, another screenshot may be able to prove the difference, showing that security outbreaks existed for even longer:


 At the very moment it is unclear, whether or not the reports are correct. However, if everything was how it should be, these kind of reports would not even exist. Furthermore Meizu should prepare themselves, if AVG (which has been contacted later today) confirms the claim to be right.

According to Naphtha’s claim there are even more “infected” systems apps – “MzAccount” as an example. The long-time forum member claims even more security issues exist and approximately around 4-5 apps could be infected, causing unwanted data traffic from Flyme powered devices.

Besides spying on it’s humble customers, and also resulting in unwanted battery drain and traffic usage to the end user (with absolutely no permission, of course), there’s another question to marvel at.. Is this the main reason for the Chinese manufacturer to keep away from releasing any source code? What else could they be hiding, as we don’t seem to know much – or actually anything – of what’s behind the scenes of the daily-driver apps we’ve already gotten familiar with?

We’ll keep you updated about the case, as we can’t resist to find out either..