Flyme OS stable released!


After over 2 months of waiting Meizu has finally released a new stable version of Flyme –

The release contains a huge changelog, featuring bug fixes SMS errors, camera improvements and many more.

This is also the first stable release for the m2 & m2 note, but there is one downside.

While the m2 note received an “A” (Generic) versioning, the m2 is officially running Flyme on top of YunOS, which is getting indicated by the “Y” ending of the firmware.

Yet it is unclear what Meizu’s future plans are with the m2, however it is very likely that it is going to be converted into a YunOS exclusive device.

As of now there is still no official statement from Meizu in this regard, therefore we will keep you updated if there are any updates on this.

For Global users there is still little hope for a release within the next few weeks. Just yesterday Meizu’s overseas team released an update schedule, targeting a release for April (m2 & m2 note) and June (other devices). However, this is the second time that Meizu has postponed the release of the Global Flyme 5 firmware accordingly this announcement has to be enjoyed carefully.

Flyme OS stable (Pro 5)

Flyme OS stable (MX5)

Flyme OS stable (MX4 Pro)

Flyme OS stable (MX4)

Flyme OS stable (m1 note)

Flyme OS stable (m2)

Flyme OS stable (m2 note)

Flyme OS stable (“m1” metal)