Brown Bear to replace current CEO

Brown Bear – Meizu’s new CEO.

On a breaking press conference today, Meizu’s current CEO Bai Yongxiang (Aber Bai) announced to step back.

“After all these years, I thought it was time to retire. Therefore all future business operations are lying in the hands of Mr.Brown Bear.”, ex-CEO Aber Bai said at the press conference.

Brown Bear himself didn’t commented on this, instead he was trying to eat a few cameras of the press team.

As of now it is unclear how Brown Bear plans to continue the ongoing expansion and resolve problems with overseas customers. However, more interestingly it is going to be how Brown Bear is going to deal with his cousin Panda Bear, who unfortunately couldn’t be reached for an interview.


Later today Panda Bear held a press conference as well, stating that he hasn’t a problem with Brown Bear as he preferes “Bamboo over Fish” anyway.

Afterwards Panda Bear escaped the press conference through the back entrance, eating bamboo and scratching himself.

Panda Bear after the press conference.

Happy April Fools’!